Illustrator, Animator, Graphic Designer

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My name is Liah and I'm a British-South African Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Animator currently in full-time education, working with clients and building up an array of skills and experience.​

I am passionate about creating for younger audiences, but enjoy experimenting with different styles and thrive in an environment that allows that creative liberty.

I am confident in my ability to style for any genre and am always open to a challenge, always stretching outside of my comfort zone wherever possible.

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Successful Partnerships


Rhys Pezza

Illustrator, Graphic Designer

Videography, design for advertising, illustration, motion graphics.

Bloxicon Designs

Illustrator, Designer

Illustration, website design, motion graphics.

Carrot Logo.png

Ok. Carrot

3D Artist, Graphic Designer, Traditional Artist

Motion graphics, illustrations, videography.

Recent Work



Digital Illustration

Within Adobe Suite and Autodesk software

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Creative Ideation

Creative problem solving and efficient team management


Traditional Media

Experience within a wide range of traditional mediums



Coventry, United Kingdom

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